Art Practice: Mike Mignola’s Hellboy (Part 1)

Back in 2007 (or was it 2006?), I picked up a copy of the Hellboy “Seed of Destruction” comic at Central Lending Public Library. And I was hooked. The illustrations and storylines simply blew me away. I was an instant fan.

There’s heavy use of shadows and contrast in Hellboy (lots of black).

At one page, I saw this particular panel and decided to use it as art practice. I took a digital photo for reference (From “Hell Boy: Seeds of Destruction” by Mike Mignola & John Byrne):
001 Original

Sketched it on watercolour paper (not traced). It was a practice in observational skills:
002 Pencil Sketch

When I was happy with the sketch, I proceeded to ink the outlines (alternating between Indian Ink applied with calligraphy pen, and a marker — in the end, I was happier with the Indian Ink as was more vibrant):
003 Outline

Here’s a shot of how I referred to the digital image (on a laptop) and inking on paper:
004 Outline - referencing scanned image

This is a scanned image of the completed outline in ink:
005 Outline completed

Then I filled in the spaces with more black:
006 Inking

Inking completed:
007 Inking completed

At this point, I wanted to apply watercolours, but I suddenly felt like doing the painting digitally. So I scanned in the image and retouched it in Photoshop by filling in with black and white (this definitely improved the picture in terms of smoothing out the uneven tones in the hand-coloured picture, and the black and white areas more defined):
008 Inked image enhanced with Photoshop

Next: Part 2.

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