Song: To Be Free (2009)

A rock anthem that I composed and arranged over the week.
Playing my bass guitar

TO BE FREE (2009)
Download at If you’re into remixing, stems can be downloaded at
Composed, performed (electric lead and bass guitars), arranged, mixed and sound engineered by Ivan Chew. Please credit to
Creative Commons LicenseTo Be Free (2009) by Ivan Chew is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Singapore License. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at ramblinglibrarian [at]

I had lots of fun creating this song. Quite happy with the guitar sound effects. I typically combine a few layers of amp effects, to get a fuller sound.

To Be Free 2009

This is the setting for my custom “Brit-Wah” amp effect:
To Be Free 2009

Settings for my custom “TubeScream” amp effect:
To Be Free 2009

Rock guitar instrumentals isn’t eveyone’s cup of tea. Well, I hope it’s enjoyable to some.


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    • Hello RamblerIVAN,

      You never fail to amaze me! I think you are the LEADER of OLAs (OnLine Albums) in SGP.

      This TUNE is good, nice, well played. Doing a JukeBox Musical (danz new age) yet?

      Maintain the LEAD, draw in more FOLLOWERS.

      Chat more.

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