ccMixter Snowflake’s Call for Earth Day Remixes

This is my contribution to ccMixterist Snowflake’s Call for Earth Day Remixes.


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ccMixter - Earth Day 2009 with Snowflake

Only had 2 nights to work on this, ‘cos I discovered Snowflake’s call for remix rather late (3 days before the submission deadline). Her vocals reminded me of Sarah McLachlan. So I tried to piece together something that reminded me of my favourite singer.

This is a rather conventional mix (I, um, apologise for my lack of right-brain-ess. I had fun though, heh).

Her source files are here.

[UPDATE: Ooooh, Snowflake featured my remix on her page! I guess I didn’t do too badly!]

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ccMixter - Earth Day 2009 with Snowflake