ccMixter mash-up: Whatchu Waiting For (To Say Hello) – 2009

Thanks to CASchubert for providing the sample loop, that led to me creating this track:

Whatchu Waiting For (To Say Hello) – 2009

Whatchu waiting for/ I don’t know
Whatchu waiting for/ For the sky to glow
Whatchu waiting for/ I don’t know
Whatchu waiting for/ To say hello


Creative Commons LicenseWhatchu Waiting For (To Say Hello) by Ivan Chew is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Singapore License.Based on a work at

The opening 4 secs of CASchubert’s loop reminded me of Simon & Garfunkel’s “Sound Of Silence”! I kept CASchubert’s loop on my computer for a while, listening to it occasionally (heh, “What Chu Waiting For”? – I was waiting for inspiration to strike).

One evening, a melody came to my head. It became the opening electric guitar-picking in this song.

Added some spoken words (distorted to sound like a young child and a gruffy man) for effects.

WRT sound engineering, I spent maybe 2 days experimenting and tweaking. Considered the suggestions/ tips from comments from my last upload (thanks so much, folks – esp. Panu Moon took time to provide more tips off-line). Unfortunately for this track, in spite of much experimentation there were parts that red-lined and I heard buzzing on my cheap earphones. In the end, the best outcome was to let GarageBand “auto-normalise” the volume. Not the best but it’ll do for now.

More of the How I Did It.

I thought this image matched the song very nicely.

waiting…“, originally uploaded by CrazyFast.


2 thoughts on “ccMixter mash-up: Whatchu Waiting For (To Say Hello) – 2009

  1. I really really like this song, right now I am working on a podcast with some friends, was wondering if I could use it.
    I’ll sure give you the proper credit.

  2. Hi, sure go ahead. Actually, I’ve licensed it under Creative Commons. Permission already granted. As long as you follow what’s stated here. But thanks for asking anyway. I always like to know who uses the music. Send me the link when you’re done with the podcast! 🙂

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