ccMixter mashup: Ballad Of Jane (narva9 mix)

The instrumental track (i.e. guitars, drums, bass — even the title) was completed before I’d known narva9’s pell existed.

After I’d completed my instrumental track, I felt it lacked something. So I searched ccMixter for female vocals. Hard to find suitable pells that matched my key and tempo.

Then WHAM, I found narva9’s “I’m Fine”!

Her pell had about 10 over remixes by then. I didn’t care. It was a jaw-dropping moment for me. To have found a pell — whose key and tempo and lyrics — so snugly fitted this idea I had in mind. I’d titled my instrumental track “Ballad of Jane”. I chose the name Jane, as it sounded like an anonymous person (I apologise to all Janes!)

My loose idea was that Jane is telling the world her story. But I didn’t really know what was her story yet. narva9’s lyrics completed my original idea.


This is Jane.

Who tells, to no one in particular, that the sky is blue. That she’s cold.

She has no one — but herself — to assure herself that she’s fine.

This is her story.

Ballad of Jane (narva9 mix)
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