ccMixter remix: Ganesh Atharwa Sheersha (ft. Oxana)

When I first heard Oxana’s vocals (from Carosone’s upload), something clicked right away. Even though I did not understand the words, other than the “Om Namaste” at the beginning.

Ganesh Atharwa Sheersha (ft. Oxana)

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I played the vocals to a rough instrumental track that I’ve kept for the longest time. It seems to fit. But I was hesitant to chop up the pell, as cultural and religious sensitivities might be involved. That much I recognised.

A friend, who knew a bit of Sanskrit, gave me good advice. Chop up the pell between the pauses. Then I won’t run the risk of juxtaposing wrong words.

I went entirely by ‘feel’, if you will. Arranged the vocals to where it sounded and felt right.

The choice of the instruments were both practical and philosophical. There’s a blend of western orchestra strings, Indian percussion, Sitar, Indian flute, Chinese percussion, and the Erhu. It’s a reflection of the society and country where I’ve lived all my life (and still do).

Right after I completed the remix, I found this text! OK, the song has feelings and meaning for me now.

I hope this song works for you. If there’s any objections to this remix, let me know.