song: Lady of Shalott 2009 remix

This is a remix of an early work composed and recorded in 2006, but with a HUGE difference — I’ve got narva9 on vocals!

Lady of Shalott 2009 remix. narva9 on vocals link

I’ve never met narva9 personally. Learned about her work via ccMixter.

This is kinda like a ccMixter in reverse. I contacted narva9, asking if she’d be interested in doing the vocals for my 2006 version. She did and subsequently emailed me her vocals as MP3 files.

I mixed it in. Emailed back for her for comments and approval. She approved it. We sort of arranged that she’d upload her pell first, and then I’d link to hers.

As with my 2006 version, I’m dedicating this 2009 mix to my wife. My wife listened to it. Said “it’s worth half a carat diamond”. I guess that’s a good thing, LOL.

Thanks again, narva9. I’m honoured to have you as a co-creator for this song. It’s your work now, as much as mine.

ccMixter rocks!

Waterhouse: The Lady of Shalott
originally uploaded by freeparking

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