Cooking Class

Cooking Class -
“Cooking Class”
March 2006.
Freehand sketch. Pencil/ Pen on sketch paper.

Drew this while waiting for a cooking class to start. The cooking oil, container, vinegar bottles were in front of me. I had my sketch book so decided to capture the moment. Sketched using my mechanical pencil and finished it in pen.


2 thoughts on “Cooking Class

  1. To Ivan Chen:

    I’d like permission to use your cooking class sketch on tickets for a Cooking Lesson and Dinner fund raiser for solar hot water at Villa Infantil, an orphanage in Jalisco, Mexico. Villa Infantil has a web page where you can check them out.


    • Hello Kay, sure thing! Thanks for asking. You’re free to use the sketch on your tickets, with a credit to “Ivan Chew –”. If the credits cannot be printed on the tickets, then on the webpage is fine as well. Good luck for your event.

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