Remixed! Twilight (2008)

Nice of Mongobear to drop me an email, letting me know that he used this sample (from Twilight 2008) in his performance poetry piece.

ccMixter - Emily's Legacy

Mongo intends to feature that piece at the IndieFeed Performance Poetry Channel podcast (in Feb 09).

He’s been working on that project for over three years. They will reach their 500th show soon, and have well over two million downloads during those three years.


And interestingly, Mongo has worked in libraries before and says he likes to keep an eye on information management issues.

You can also find their feed by searching for “poetry” in iTunes. Mongo says they are usually number two or three in the podcasting section (IndieFeed Performance Poetry).

Pretty amazing poets featured. They perform their works with passion (some read aloud, some sing).