Poem: Sameness

I fear
I dread
That everyday will be the same.

So I escape
Into anything
And everything that makes me unafraid:

Dreams —
If only for the moment.

I need
I crave
For someone to talk to

But fear
Is that awkward glue
That seals my mouth into silence.

So I escape
Into everything
That is the same.

Ivan Chew
Jan 2009

Drafted this back in 2006 and only rediscovered it as I was clearing out my harddisk today. Decided to clean up and tighten a few lines and posted it. Not perfect. I feel there’s something not quite smooth to the flow. Ah well.

The poem was inspired by The Reflective Teacher, from this para near the end:

“So I’ll start off the whole shebang with a statment like: Every day is the same. And let the student create the rest of the writing.”

The moment I read “Everyday is the same”, I started to pen down the words. You can say it’s a fictitious piece inspired by real-life elements.