Song: Quiet Afternoon

A guitar instrumental, courtesy of Starfish Stories.

When I first listened to Adrian’s version (i.e. Version 1.0), I liked the mood immediately.

But it was hard to play a lead to it or try a mash-up. After listening to the track a few times, I realised why. The song started with a 4/4 measure, then moved to 3/4 or something, and then back to 4/4.

Initially I didn’t want to edit any part of the song. I wanted to keep the original Quiet Afternoon feel. But I rationalised, after some time, that the skip in measures made it a little jarring if you listen to it closely.

Quiet Afternoon 2.3

So I experimented with splicing and extending the 3/4 part to a conventional 4/4 measure. It sounded better to my ears. I added my lead (kept it to acoustic). Put in a little extra bass, but followed very, very closely to Adrian’s original (I don’t think you can really hear the extra bass, which was what I wanted…). Added in the Choir using my MIDI keyboard.

Emailed Adrian version 2.0. Got his approval.

Oh, I named it Version 2.3 ‘cos it took me three nights to get the song right! lol

Adrian posts his perspective, here.