Podcast: Jacobean Tragedy (Acoustic)

According to this website, a “Jacobean Tragedy” is a:

cynical, often violent, drama written during the early seventeenth century in England; stems from a pessimistic worldview and contends that all people, innocent and evildoers, ultimately die violent deaths.

This guitar instrumental piece was inspired by a book that my wife wanted to throw away. It was titled “Jacobean Tragedies”. I asked my wife what that meant and she said just about the same thing.


  • Composition, arrangement, instruments, editing, mixing: Ivan Chew.
  • Please attribute to Ivan Chew (MyRightBrain.wordpress.com).
  • Listen/ download at ARCHIVE.ORG.

Creative Commons License
This work by Ivan Chew is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License. For permissions beyond the scope of this license , please contact via RamblingLibrarian@gmail.com.

If you’ve been following my music (as if!) and you find this piece familiar, you’re right!

It’s exactly the same chords as this song: If You Were A Dance

Actually, this instrumental piece is THE original. ‘Cos I wrote the lyrics for ‘If You Were A Dance’ after I’d come up with the chords and rough arrangement for ‘Jacobean Tragedy’. At first, I’d wanted to write something tragic and cynical. But I failed to find the right words. In the end, I wrote a love song instead. Heh.

For this instrumental piece, I wanted a sad/ bitter-sweet feel in there. Then end on a positive note. That’s how I’d interpret a “Jacobean Tragedy”.

Oh, perhaps what’s “tragic” here is that I accidentally deleted the GarageBand file!!! 😦

This song you’re listening was supposed to be a demo piece. It’s not really completed. I used the generic GarageBand drum loop. There’s no bass.

But I should count my blessings. Luckily I’d kept a copy of the MP3 in my MP3 player. Otherwise, this song would’ve been lost.

I think it sounds quite OK as it is. I shall leave it be.


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