Podcast: Friendship On The Runway

A member of songcraft, Shamantha, informed the group that she’d posted lyrics at her blog. On my second visit to her blog, this post caught my eye.

Then, I was feeling a bit “Bryan Adam-ish”/ “Simon & Garfunkel”. Experimented with the chords E/ A/ G/ B on my guitar. Hummed a melody to her lyrics. Felt I had a decent melody. So I asked Shamantha if she wouldn’t mind me making a song out of your lyrics.

She didn’t.

So here’s the song.

Words: Shamantha Yen
Music & vocals: Ivan Chew

I didn’t attempt to overwhelm the sound with too many instruments and arrangement. It was just one acoustic guitar (engineered the sound to give a fuller acoustic quality), a drum loop, software instrument (violin), GarageBand sound effect (plane landing and taking off, and the bicycle chain rattling at the end).

Three layers to the vocals (I tend to go for vocal harmonies).

I’m pleased with this song.

Of course, couldn’t have done it without Shamantha’s lyrics. Thanks!

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