Podcast: Have I Told You Lately – II

A piano/ slow rock version of this earlier song:

Music/ Instruments/ Vocals: Ivan Chew

Listen/ download at ARCHIVE.ORG

Creative Commons License
This work by Ivan Chew is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License. For permissions beyond the scope of this license , please contact via RamblingLibrarian@gmail.com.

How the song came about
At the last songcraft meetup, before the session started, Jerron played the chords of the song on the piano. It sounded like a slow rock version, so I was inspired to come up with this version II.

The drum, piano, orchestral strings, and bass tracks were MIDI recordings (there are multiple tracks partly because I played the left-hand and right-hand piano pieces separately, since I can’t play the piano that well — also, I had to boost the piano track by duplicating them).

I recorded five separate vocal tracks, with three parts sung in harmony. This was to make up for my poor vocal talents. When combined, the vocals sound much nicer than what I can sing “live”.

Have I Told You Lately - II

I’ve not uploaded the “minus-one” track for this version. If anyone wants a go at it, email me.


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3 thoughts on “Podcast: Have I Told You Lately – II

  1. It’s really nice in its own way. I guess a good melody sounds good no matter how you arrange it. Very nice vocal harmonies. And the piano was very well-played too. Was it you who played the piano? I’m impressed!!!

  2. Thanks Jeremy, for the encouragement. Yeah, I played the piano. As I mentioned, I played it in several sequence (cos I’m not as skilled as you are, playing it two-handed). I played one part in simple chords, then recorded another layer with notes. Then aligned it to the time signature (e.g. 1/16 of a note). When combined together it sounds like a pro, when actually I’m not, heh.

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