Podcast: Have I Told You Lately (Sweet Dreams)

A rock song, reminiscent of ’80s rock. At least that’s what I’ve tried to achieve here.

Music: Ivan Chew

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Have I Told You Lately (Sweet Dreams)

How this song came about
It started when Firdaus emailed to the Songcrafters a set of lyrics he wrote. A lullaby, titled “Sweet Dreams”. Said he hasn’t got a melody or chords and invited members to make a song out of it.

It so happened that the previous day, I was trying to come up with a song using the chords Am/ C/ Dm. No lyrics yet, other than mumblings of some lines.

When I hummed Firdaus’ lyrics to the chords, they sounded perfect to my ears. I only needed to tweak two or three lines here and there.

As I worked on the song, it sounded like it needed a heavy metal sound. I managed to create that Overdrive/ Distortion effect using a customised guitar effect setting:
Have I Told You Lately (Sweet Dreams)

The drums, bass and electric guitar lead are MIDI while the rest are “live” instruments.

I revisited my aging Def Leppard collection to get the drum sound I wanted (see if you can hear the double bass sound there).

For the singing part, I recorded my vocals and converted it using the GarageBand “Male to Female vocals” effect. Heh, Firdaus said it sounded like Fann Wong Faye Wong. Who am I to argue?

Anyway, I discovered that for this song, a female voice added that required “mysterious/ ethereal” feel that I wanted. If any ladies out there want to help me sing this song, the Minus One can be downloaded here.

OK, thanks Firdaus, for inspiring me to do this song.

Lyrics here:
[Verse 1] Am/ C/ Dm/ Am
It’s been a long day
Time to put those toys away
I’ll read you a story
Before you sleep tonight

Don’t be scared now
There are no monsters here
I’m here beside you
I will always be near

[Chorus] C/ G/ Em/ F
Have I told you lately
That you’re so beautiful?

You’re a gift from heaven
You’re one in a million

Have I told you lately
That you’re so beautiful?

You’re a gift from heaven
A dream come true

[Verse 2]
Sleep well little darling
I’ll see you in the morning
Adventure awaits
A brand new day!

We will fly in the sky
Fight pirates who have one eye
Sweet dreams…
Sweet dreams…

[Repeat Chorus]

[Outro] Dm/ C/ A/ A d(Em)
So darling close your eyes
Dream of vanilla skies
And as I close the door

[Repeat Chorus]

~ Ivan Chew

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  3. Fantastic song! I love it! I can’t believe the vocals are actually yours. It really DOES sound like a Faye Wong or something. I love all the trippy effects and all that.

    Excellent track! Very well-produced!

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