If You Were A Dance

Lyrics that I wrote for a song. Posting it to see how it looks as a poem.

“To my wife. Thanks for the bread :)”

If You Were A Dance

I know your face
From the visions in my dreams
I know your smile
From the memories in between

If you were a star
Then I’m I’d be the fleeting wind

I know your touch
My worries melt away
I know your laugh
They’re clear and bright as day

If you were a stream
Then I’m I’d be a floating dream

I’m the silent wall
And through it all
I’ll never let you fall

If you were a Dance
I’ll I’d be your song
And we will would carry on
Into the Dawn

~ Ivan Chew
6 June 2008

[Updated, 7 June 08: Corrected the inconsistent tenses. Thanks to M.F. for the pointers!]


3 thoughts on “If You Were A Dance

  1. Off the top of my head…

    If I were a dance
    Would you move with me

    Unafraid by the rhythm
    by the beat

    Would you shut your eyes
    and take my hand

    fall into the spell
    the memory

    Of a day without sorrow
    Without silence
    Without tears

    Of a night not yet hollow
    Without despair
    Without fears

    Oh if I were a dance
    Would you let me lead

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