Podcast: Summer Days, Winter Nights (musical mashup)

A collaborative piece with Firdaus.


When I heard the original (with vocals) that Firdaus posted at his blog, I liked it immediately because it reminded me of what Carlos Santana might play. I commented that his song sounded like “Santana meets Oasis”!

I asked if he could email me a ‘Minus-One’ version, as I wanted to experiment with a rock guitar lead version. He emailed me a MP3 file during the week. I downloaded it and managed to work on it on Friday night.

Thanks for sharing, Firdaus!

Basically I added several “live” guitar leads and two “live” bass tracks. I cut about a minute from the original; I tend to keep my songs to about 3-and-a-half minutes. The most challenging part was keeping time with Firdaus’ original.

Summer Days Winter Nights 1.2.band

There were at least two segments where his guitar strumming didn’t quite keep in time with his drum beats. After a few hours of “close-quarters” editing and experimenting, I decided to replace an entire segment (starting from the 33rd measure) with a GarageBand drum loop. At the 50th measure, I didn’t replace his original segment but lowered the volume of his original track and raised the volume for the drum loops. Luckily, Firdaus used the standard 120 bps setting, so I was able to incorporate the GB drum loops into the song perfectly.

I think I spent about 18 to 20 hours before I was happy with the final version.

I used three custom guitar effects settings:
GarageBand custom lead sound - Summer Days Winter Nights 1.2

GarageBand custom guitar lead - Summer Days Winter Nights 1.2

GarageBand custom guitar lead - Summer Days Winter Nights 1.2

Bass effects:
GarageBand custom Bass setting - Summer Days Winter Nights 1.2

GarageBand custom Bass settings (2) - Summer Days Winter Nights 1.2

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  1. oh yeah, there’s so many musical ideas in this track. i’m going to slowly listen to it and digest, and enrich myself, haha..

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