A new item in my guitar collection

Bought a Bass Guitar today. A StaggB300-BK“.
Stagg B300-BK bass guitar

Standard “J” electric bass guitar – Pickups: 2 x JB – Controls: 2 x Volume + 1 x Tone – Body: solid Alder – Pickguard: White (BK/BL/SB) or Tortoiseshell (N/NS) – Neck: Hard Maple, bolt-on, 867 mm, (34.2 in.) – Fingerboard: Rosewood, 20 frets – Bridge: “JB” Classic – Machine heads: Standard “P”, nickel – Colour: Black.

Bought it from Zen Guitarwerks (they’re located at the basement of Peninsula Shopping Complex, at Coleman Street) for $310, including a $20 guitar bag.

Discussed with my wife if I should buy the bass guitar. Did a mental check so that I was sure I’d be using it and not buying it on a whim.

Didn’t really shop around to see if there were better deals. My budget was $500 or less. If the instrument was within my budget AND gave me the right feel, I was prepared to buy it there and then.

So I dropped by Peninsular Shopping Complex (which, in the last decade, has quietly become the guitar player shopping mecca in Singapore).

Zen Guitarwerks was the second shop I went into (the price range of the bass guitars at the first shop were beyond my budget). It’s a relatively tiny shop, and I’d almost missed it had my wife not pointed it out.

Within minutes of my scanning the price tags at the bass guitar section, the young girl manning the shop asked if I needed help. Her demeanor was friendly, and she seemed knowledgeable about the stuff in the shop.

Tried about four bass guitars from different price ranges. The one I bought was the lowest priced in the store, but somehow the feel and tone was nicer than the higher priced ones that I tested.

Final test was to tune the bass guitar, check the action for buzzing (none that I could tell), last intuitive feel of the weight and fret play.

My guitarsI’ve reached a point where the sound generated from MIDI just isn’t good enough. Plus, I’m interested in learning more instruments. Admittedly, I was also encouraged after watching videos like these (now how’s that as an example of YouTube indirectly influencing a purchase decision?).

Technical skills-wise, I’m still going to focus on the guitar. But I decided to buy a bass guitar to try out some musical ideas I have in mind. I don’t expect it to drastically change my compositions but will see how it goes.

Will check out some online resources and books from the public libraries.

Nice to be trying out something new.

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  5. Great pick- I totally love the Stagg brand and it’s looking nice next to your other guitars. Hopefully you’ve decided to focus more on learning bass guitar than continuing your electric guitar skills, but either way you are winning.

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