Poem: Visayan Adventure #3

A poem I wrote back in 2002, after visiting the Philippines with a fellow SSEAYPian, Lim. We were hosted by Nick (who made sure we touched all the major islands), attended Ian’s wedding and caught up with friends like Tisha (I think V-lyn and Grain)… and a whole bunch whose names I’ve forgotten (sorry!)

Reading this again brought back memories of food and places. Lots of cryptic references. The poem (which can be improved from the technical viewpoint) probably means a lot more to me that anyone else reading.

Visayan Adventure #3

Which was first?
Heavenly Halo-Halo
(subsequent overkill)
Succinct Su-tu-kil

I recall
Raw marlin in coconut vinegar
Name forgotten but
Taste remembered

Eyes feasted upon
Churches, old buildings
Glinting butterflywings
Nature’s pigments in manmade paintings

Restaurant or Street food?
Roasted chicken, cup of rice
Bamboo skewed, hand to mouth
I survived

Knife in the back
A hunk of roasted bliss
Scrapping fats off lard ladened Lechon
(Whatcha lookin’ at?)

Emerald Green
Colour of Bohol’s river
Therapeutic water massage
Reminiscence of
Refreshing green mango shakes

Love at first taste
Sweet tooth meets Ms. B .D. Mercedes
In a second home in Bacolod
But infatuation soon replaced
By nostalgic Sansrivals
Heart tied in Red Ribbon

Final lingering
Lighted headed on Light (I blame San Miguel)
In a moment of drunken courage
I am onstage,
With an unrehearsed rendition of Metallica

Last night in Cebu,
Of a journey of first tastes

Ivan Chew, 5 June 2002