“The Weight of an Empty Page”, by Regina De Rozario

Came across these beautiful words written by Regina aka Wrkshy. Asked on a whim if I could use them as lyrics for a song (to be composed). She said yes. And might even use it in a presentation if it’s any good.

You’re on, Regina!

The weight of an empty page
An empty page is a train track at the start of the day, waiting for lines to arrive, roll up and take off.

It is the sullen storm that grounds all flight, forcing me to retreat behind safe, closed doors.

It is the familiar cotton blanket my mother pulls up to my chin before she turns out the light.

It is the corridor that passes me everyday, undecorated, except for cracks that need to be concealed.

It is the lone, fluorescent window that greets me as I stumble home at 4am.

It is a bare hospital bed, just there.

It is the crisp linen I shroud my mother in, before our last goodnight.

It is a bleached wasteland, where the ashes of distant failures wait to be unearthed and replaced with new disappointments.

It is an undiscovered world that calls out to me to be claimed. A foreign landscape, gleefully stumbled upon where fences do not yet exist.

Every silent page bound together, face to face, tells me when there is nothing, there is something still. Without even a mark, these pages carry weight.

Without a word, these layers of blankness are what I reach for in the emptiest of hours; they weave the blanket I pull over myself on the hollowest of days.


UPDATE: Song is here!


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