My Magical Space is… a book.

Some time last year, I received an email from Wrkshy about an art/photography project she’s taking part. The project was called ‘Magical Spaces‘.

To participate, you fill up a page in a notebook that’s passed around — scribble something, write, draw…

I told Wrkshy that I was interested. She passed me the notebook.

I happened to be the first contributor.

Here’s what I drew:
My contribution to Magical Space

The submission deadline for completing the notebooks was 31 August 2006. I learned from the Magical Spaces website that there was an exhibition of the notebooks in December last year.

Aiyah… I wasn’t informed (guess I have myself to blame for not checking the blog).

I have no idea who filled the pages after me. I doubt if any of them would find their way here.

Anyway, here’s are the photos from the exhibition. I tried to spot my contribution but it wasn’t featured. 🙂


One thought on “My Magical Space is… a book.

  1. “I have no idea who filled the pages after me.”

    Don’t know if I mentioned this earlier: Right after you was Ovidia Yu. And she looked at your illustration and went “Wow! A book!” 🙂

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