My music project – SeaStars

I’ve not said more about the SeaStars 2007 music project. So here goes:

It’s a collaborative effort with a Secondary schoolmate, Adrian (whom I reconnected after 20 years!)

The story of how SeaStars got started is at this post.

We met to catch up over lunch. Then went for coffee. Adrian said he wanted to do an album and asked if I was interested. He said he liked what I did with the SeaShore Days mashup).

It was easy for me to say, “yes”.

Later, I set up the SeaStars blog, ‘cos I felt we needed a website. And it would be nice to document our musical journey.
The Album

And then, to our surprise, someone was kind enough to set up an official fanclub for us! It started off with this comment.

There are 134 members at my last count.

That’s 132 people more than what we’d expect. Heh.

OK, not all can count as “fans” per se (at least Adrian and I don’t expect any panties thrown at us, LOL!) but at least not all have quit the fanclub.

The songs for the album have been re-engineered (as best as I know how). Now I’m waiting eagerly for the artwork from (thanks to Jon.