Vampire & Werewolf

I did this illustration for the “Horror” Genre Guide, for the public library services (National Library Board). Well, my colleagues couldn’t hire a graphic artist in time, so I was called to create the illustrations.

2006 (Jan) Vampire-Werewolf400x400
“Vampire/ Werewolf”. 31 Jan 2006.
Edited using Photoshop Elements, from a composite of illustrations from my earlier works.

I asked my colleague, Wai Ling, what she had in mind. And she wrote:

“maybe something like your Sherba specimen, but can refine a bit coz the current sample looks a bit gangly and aged like those who’ve drawn the full sum of their CPF…maybe something like your Elf Warrior not bad, i.e., accentuate distinct features that are instantly recognizable – but ur elf looks more like werewolf, tho…Or, you can draw a really sinister but gorgeous specimen – in art, either be very gorgeous or extremely ugly to make it outstanding…”

So here’s how I did it (I’m assuming that you have some basic knowledge of how Photoshop works):

Layer #1 was the vampire’s face. Image was cropped from “1994 (Dec) Battle of Pelenor“, with Brightness/ Contrast adjustment. I needed a face with an open mouth and remembered my ‘Pelenor’ illustration. Outline was refined with Eraser tool (same setting as point 2 but with smaller brush size). Fangs were added, eye shadow painted more prominently, and overall image was stretched to make longer vertical profile.

Layer #2 – Werewolf was from “1989 (Aug) Sherba – Arakian Trakker Hound“. Brightness and Contrast enhanced (Enhance-> Adjust Lighting-> Brightness/ Contrast). Outline was removed with Erase tool with Dry Media Brush, set at 65% opacity. Width was also stretched (original image had narrower profile).

Layer #3 – Background was cropped from, again, the “1994 (Dec) Battle of Pelenor” image. Took part of the chain mail from the arm part, and superimposed with another selected layer (using Selection Brush Tool). Then merged down image as one layer. Initially set layer at 99% opacity but look a bit dull. Decided to stretch and crop the background image and retain 100% opacity.


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