Guitar Modes

Joe Satriani makes it looks sooo easy.
Joe Satriani – Great Lesson on Guitar Modes Part 1

Lydian, Dorian, Myxolydian, Aeolian (Natural Minor), Aeolian Dominant, Ionian (Major), Phrygian Dominant… must find a book or website that illustrates the modes, in a manner that a layperson like me would understand.

I know I’m already playing some modes or “shapes” (like Major, Minor and Pentatonic) but always good to expand beyond what you’re familiar with.

Joe Satriani – Great Lesson on Guitar Modes Part 2

In Part 2, Joe Satriani shows how some “scales” work with seemingly different chords. At this point, it’s info-overload for me… heh. So I go back to just using my ears, and my brain to tell me whether the notes sound nice or not.

Found this blog on GuitarModes. Good stuff! It features videos from YouTube.

And this particular webpage ( shows the various points to play on the fretboard.


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  1. He’s good but I wouldn’t want to learn from him. His playing is mechanical, his creativity seems washed, probably because he’s programmed his brain to “play by the rules.” Anyways, too many notes all mashed together.

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