Poem: On My Way To Work

First published at the 28th SSEAYP Amateur Poetry Club (I set that up in 2001), Issue #1, Dec 2001.

On My Way To Work
Rainbow ashes built
Upon butterfly dreams.
Silver silhouettes of florescent fishes
Dancing beneath green marble floors.

Bleary eyes stung
By artificial cold.
Echoes of hard knocks
On polished rock, resounding.

Nameless faces rushing
To daytime jobs.
I weave among human traffic
In a race whose prize is to beat the clock.
Ivan Chew, 10 Nov 2001

I wrote this at a time when my office was based in the city. I alighted at City Hall MRT station and had to walk through City Link (an underground shopping area). I the airconditioning was particularly cold and sharp. Stung my eyes. And the sounds of ladies high heels on marble floors. I remember thinking that everyone was so intent on getting to the office. No one spoke. The poem basically describes the scenes from that walk.

This photo (including the title) depicts the scene perfectly.
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