Lyrics: Love on a Train

My attempt at writing a song.

At least now I know
What it was like to dream
To have fallen in love
I found love on a train

It was like any other day
I was standing at the station (waiting for the train)
Then out of the blue
I saw you walking by

I found myself beside you
I pretended to ignore you
I remember asking myself
What were you thinking of
I wondered what was your name?

It sounded strange to say it’s love
To say it’s love at first sight
What was real was wishful thinking
An idle mind’s Hollywood

It never was ever meant to be
You probably didn’t notice me
But still I thought I did fall in love
If only at a memory

We’re strangers forever
But at least now I know
What it was like to dream
To have fallen in love
I found love on a train
I found love on a train

Ivan Chew, 18 Sept 2007

This came about because Jeremy (who runs Songcraft) sent the group a photo and a suggestion:

We’re gonna try something interesting here, in preparation for the upcoming session next Friday:

It’s just an optional exercise in creativity & interpretation. The aim is to see how we come up with our own music and/or lyrics based on our own interpretation of the same picture. (Don’t ask me why I decided on this one. I just thought it was rather poetic and open to various possibilities & interpretations…after scouring the net for hours for a good picture!)

thinker – Originally uploaded by blamfoto

Take a look at it, see what thoughts you have on it, and come up with whatever you like based on it.

It could be a full song, it could be a poem, it could be prose, or it could be just some instrumental music. The idea is just to see how differently we create Art based on seeing the same thing.

It was a nice picture. And I thought Jeremy had an excellent idea. So I made an attempt at writing a song, with lyrics.

Before I started writing the lyrics, I recorded a rough tune and arrangement on my Mac (based on E/ A/ G#/ A). Playing back the chords repeatedly and mouthing some words, I typed out the lyrics based on the cadence of what I was hearing.

I started with a story about a man thinking back to his childhood. He remembers seeing this girl on the train. And the man (a young boy then) remembered how he fell in love at first sight, with the young girl. And he now wonders where she was, and what might have been.

In the tune, I had a part (the break, which became lines 14 to 21) that sounded quite ‘dark’ and moody. For that, I decided to write how the man lamented about not ever knowing the girl. As I progressed, I decided to drop the part of the young boy remembering the young girl (the flashback parts was too complicated). So it was just down a man who saw a woman (not a girl) on a train. Same premise of him falling in love at first sight.

The initial title was “Girl on a Train”. Then “Love Train” and finally refined to “Love on a Train”.

I’m not ready to publish the tune yet (it’s too messy; too much of a draft). It’ll be interesting to see what the others might come up with. I’m hopeful we could end up with some collaborative music mashup after the discussion.


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