Poem: Sun, Sea, Sand, Soul.

Durban, South Africa, Marine ParadeSun, Sea, Sand, Soul
I lose myself, staring at
The red eye in the sky.

I lose myself, listening to
The song of surf on sand.

The Indian Ocean mere inches from my feet:

Salty sea spray,
Playing an ageless tune.
Sealing men’s souls within
The fine grains of sand.

Ivan Chew, 30 Aug 2007
[Inspired by my trip to South Africa, Durban. The photo was taken from my hotel room, which faced the Indian Ocean.]

2 thoughts on “Poem: Sun, Sea, Sand, Soul.

  1. Wow sounds like an exotic and beautiful place… The pic is gorgeous!
    Pensive tone… the poem… but yeah, like carrie, I can hear the waves 🙂

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