Poem: Over Hunter-Seeker Mouse

This was written back in 2001. A “Hunter-Seeker” was a gadget (used in assassinations) mentioned in Frank Herbert’s “Dune”. In this poem, I was trying to describe a person’s foray into the World Wide Web, where one wasn’t quite sure what to expect. When I wrote the poem, the common perception was that every other web page you encountered would be pornographic. Or there would be unwanted ads and unrelenting pop-ups that came into nowhere (now that was real! and it was before pop-up blockers).

Over Hunter-seeker Mouse
Trigger finger poised
My mental state is steady
I launch myself into cyberspace
Anti-virus ready

Freebies entice newbies, but
Neither new nor a fool am I
Easy downloads I see through, for they are
Nothing but enticements to buy

She-demons beckon with
Electric sultry caress
Preaching the religion of the triple tilted crosses*
In their various forms of undress

I draw out my search weapons and
Yahoo and Google across
The information minefield of booby trapped
Javas, scripts and code source

In my haste I become careless
Setting off a claymore burst
Of an unsolicited pop-up promising me
Easy money, but only if I click first

I am losing myself rapidly
In cyberspace I dream
My trip across the light fantastic**
Prancing in the byte-stream

How I loath the portals of deceit
Why do they not relent?
What trickery would they devise next
To Alta (my) Vista without consent?

Vanquished dotcoms are now dot gone
Killed with the lack of demand
Vanquished ghosts they are now
Haunting the data autobahn

I spy flame wars to the max
Consumed by voiceless passions
A thousand virtual deaths wished upon
Each side, acceding no concession

A quick Alternate Tab
I take a well earned breather
Connections cut loose, inhale again, I can
Before I resume my hunt in the ether

History is Deleted, my
Cache consciously Cleared
My battle I begin anew — trigger finger poised —
Over hunter-seeker Mouse, revered

Ivan Chew, 3 Dec 2001.

* I’m referring to XXX sites, or triple X. They look like tilted crosses, don’t they?
** Apparently, the phrase “tripping the light fantastic” means dancing the tango, but I can’t be sure.


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