Podcast: Seashore Days (Music Mash-up)

Yay, another GarageBand user and potential Music Mash-up partner! Lekowala (i.e. Adrian Loo) discovered GarageBand recently. He knew I was into GarageBand as well so he sent me a recording. It was his 2nd Jam attempt (listen to it here). I thought it was pretty good. I downloaded it a week ago and yesterday, I mustered enough courage to attempt a mash-up. I let Adrian listen to it, to get his approval. I was glad he was happy with how it turn out 🙂

or LISTEN HERE >>> Seashore Days
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Here’s a screenshot of the GarageBand tracks (click on the image to view additional notes of how it was done):
screenshot - GarageBand mash-up

The mashup wasn’t as easy as I thought. The challenge was how NOT to drown out Adrian’s original acoustic guitar melody. There was a section in the song where I think he deliberately played less. It sounded deliberately empty (maybe he wanted a solo there). I decided to add the electric guitar solo there. But the problem was the song would end with the guitar solo, which sounded abrupt. And if I start the solo earlier, I’d drown out his original playing and turn it into my own song, which was a no-no.

In the end, the solution was to do a copy-n-paste/ fade-in and the extension turned out quite seamless.

In choosing a title for the song (Adrian didn’t title his song earlier), I found this blog post of Adrian’s. It was perfect for the title ‘cos it’s got to do with the sea, and it captured the mood of he seem to want to express in the song.

Read Adrian’s account of the mash-up here. The song is also posted at Rambling Librarian.
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