1995 (Aug) Scene adapted from “Record of Lodoss War”

1995 (Aug) Scene adapted from "Record of Lodoss War"
Scene adapted from the Japanese Anime “Record of Lodoss War
1995 (August). Acrylics on paper.

I had this scanned picture for sometime now. Haven’t been disciplined enough in posting them online. But tonight, I heard a song that reminded me of it.

Walter and I had the privilege being invited, quite unplanned, to Vanessa’s home studio. She played a few of her compositions for us. Mostly jazz pieces. But there was one song that sounded very baroque and New Age to me. Vanessa called it “Minstrel”. I suggested she title it “Ballad of the Fallen” because it reminded me of something heroic, noble and sad at the same time. When I reached home, I suddenly recalled I had this painting that just might fit her song (she might not agree that it’ll match her song though, heh). Wish she’d post the song online.


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