Podcast: Home Again (2007)

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(Playing time: 3min 12secs):
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How it was done
My brother dropped my place to have dinner. I showed him how GarageBand works. We picked a drum loop and he tried a few variations (Beats Per Second). He did an impromptu recording of a simple “C#m/ A/ E” rhythm. We played back and jammed along (one player at a time). Entirely unrehearsed. Very raw stuff. I did a quick edit and pieced together the rhythm track. Here’s the screenshot showing the results of our impromptu jam session:
GarageBand - Home Again 2007 (Initial recording)
[Click to see larger image]

Subsequently, over two weeks or so, I used the recordings and did a little GarageBand magic — edited out the unwanted/ misplayed notes; a little musical arrangement and sound engineering here and there.

OK, a LOT of arrangement and sound level adjustments. From the screen shot below, you can see certain tracks are duplicated (to get a fuller sound, and also a stereo-effect after I panned them out). I added additional cymbals and high hats.
GarageBand - Home Again 2007.jpg
[Click to see larger image]

I didn’t know how the final result would sound like, so I was pleasantly surprised that the two “solos” came up quite well and nicely blended, considering the jam session was totally unplanned and we recorded our solos independently (without listening to the earlier recording). Not bad for a first time impromptu collaboration : )

If you want to listen, or jam along, to the basic rhythm and drum track without the melody, click here (3.1MB).

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