Poem: Wishes of a Married Geek

Wishes of a Married Geek
I wish I was built with a switch
For my wife to turn me on
Or off
Whenever she wants to.

I’d seem less desperate
for attention that way. And
Not get scolded for disrupting
Her TV time.

Might as well add a hard drive
Or two, to save thoughts and emotions
To be retrieved later
After my wife is done with me.

Ivan Chew, 16th May 2007

[Nah, I’m not that Geek. This poem came about from an idle chat with Lucian. Nope, it certainly isn’t about him. He’s Mr. Romantic as far as I’m concerned. We were talking about spending time with family. Then the idea of what a married geek might be thinking came to mind.

Photo credit: eekaroo. A search for “married geek” in Flickr.com retrieved this photo titled “Solar-powered Honeymoon (aka, I married a geek“. How apt!]


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