Moon over Sun(tec)

Took these pictures on my way to the City Hall MRT station from the library@Esplanade (see the NLB Staff Jam).

This blurred shot seems to have more character than a steadier one:
Blurred shot of Suntec

Night lights at Suntec, Singapore

Here’s a shot of the iconic “durian” — the Esplanade.
The Esplanade, from afar

Same shot, different effects setting:
Moon over Suntec Sparkling moon over Suntec


You’ll suck at what you do, for a long time, but…

[First posted at RamblingLibrarian, 18 Mar 2007]

Who’s Ira Glass? Nevermind. Watch this video first (hat-tip to David Silver). David wrote that it’s “five minutes and nineteen seconds of smart advice“.

I’ve transcribed the parts which I felt was the essence of the video (read this post). My personal take-away: We’ll suck at what we do, probably for a long time. But that’s no excuse to not try, and try again. There’s no short-cut getting from here to good.

Watercolour pencil demo: Flickr post from Graphicartepsi

Here’s a Flickr post from Graphicartepsi, who wrote: “A watercolor pencil demo originally done for my North Light book, Watercolor Pencil Magic.

Click on the image to view the picture in Flickr, where there are notes to explain how parts of the painting is done with the watercolour pencils.

Death as a Wake-up call

Human beings forget. I was told it’s this forgetfulness that allows humans to cope with the pains of life. So it’s a good thing that every once in a while, Death comes along to remind us what Life is about. Herry shares his thoughts here:

Life is indeed short. Sometimes, when we are working so hard, leaving us with no time for our family and ourselves, hearing news like this, makes us wonder why we are doing all these for; if all things are going to lead to the same path, death, and death can be so soon.


Herry titled his post “Today Is The Beginning of A New Day“. I’ll add that, “The rest of my life starts NOW“.

Wanna blog for

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So if you can write about pianos, keyboards, DJ equipment, music software or any other topic that isn’t covered now (so no guitar related topics) and are fluent in English you should apply for this job. This is a paid position, so you can even win some money while writing about your interests.