Freeware: “Burn” – Burning/ Copying application for Mac OS X

Thanks to Siva for the alert. I’ve never used Roxio‘s ‘Toast’, so I don’t know it compares to this open source alternative called ‘Burn‘. See:

The other day I used it to copy photos of my Beijing vacation to CDs, and Burn (version: 1.62u) proved easy to use and worked without a hitch. I like how it shows how much disk space would be taken up for the files selected for burning. There’s also a drop-down list to let me choose the formats (Mac or PC).
Burn - Screenshot

I haven’t tried out the burning process for Audio and video files. Not sure how different is that. Also haven’t figured it it allows a “CD to CD” burn (has anyone tried that?)

What I’ve confirmed is that the software doesn’t support Multi-session burns. Disk Utility is still needed for that purpose if you want to perform multiple burns to a CD (note: Disk Utility multi-session burn doesn’t work for DVDs).

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