Podcast: Walking On Air (Music Video Version)

Here’s the second version, for the music video (Playing time: 4mins):

or LISTEN HERE >>> Walking On Air (Music Video Version)
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Much thanks to friends who gave comments and suggestions on the earlier version of “Walking on Air“. They were spot-on with regards to the areas that could be improved. On the whole, most people liked the first version but agreed that it was bit “draggy” as it went on.

Jljl said the beginning and the end was nice, but the middle was a bit wanting, or something to that effect (no offense taken, ‘cos I understand perfectly what he’s saying). Lekowala suggest that I tone down the chorus effect, place the rhythms farther into the background and give them a higher tone, and bring up the solos more.

I listened to the earlier version a few more times, and finally decided to do the following:

  • Trimmed the song to 4 minutes
  • Adjusted the track volumes (realised the lead guitars were really too far back, so raised the volume to make them more prominent)
  • Panned the 7th and 8th guitar layers (if you listen to the track with earphones, I hope you can hear the left and right tracks merging with the lead solo coming in the middle)
  • Added vocals near the end to give it greater variation

Walking On Air (Music Video Version)

Next, the music video! I’ve selected photos from Flickr (CC licensed) and will attempt to fit them to this version.

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  1. Hi. I happened to come across your site.

    I like your music. Very nice.

    Keep up the good work 🙂

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