Tutorial on drawing and painting digitally

Here’s an excellent tutorial by Bob MacNeil on the “Setup and painting techniques for digital painting” (check out the post at AmateurIllustrator.com, or over at Bob’s online portfolio site).

He shows how one could go from the planning stage, to sketching, the something called “blocking”, then painting (the concept of digital techniques aren’t that different traditional art like water-colouring), Detailing, and Line Grabbing.

Bob’s explanation of visual art theory is clear and concise. I like this one on creating a focal point for the drawing (it’s something I intuitively do but knowing the theory helps as well).

If you’ve attempted to do a digital painting before, Bob’s tutorial is a great reinforcement. If not, it’s a great way to get started by having an overview of how one could approach the whole digital painting process from start to finish.

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