Creating a “paper-garden”

This was made for the NLB library outreach event at the 2006 Singapore Garden Festival (background to why this was done, at this post and this one).

How it was done
1) Started off with blank sheets of paper (square sized). I decided to fold the sheets in half and combine two folded sheets to make a long banner of sorts:

2) Next I penciled a very faint outline of the flower petals. Then I used black Electrician’s tape (yes, you read me right — Electrician’s tape! I had to use whatever was available) to create the top and bottom border, kinda like a panoramic look to it. Step 2 took the longest as I had to grapple with the wrapped paper (it was pasted hastily on an uneven table, with no time to dry the glue properly):

3) The rest of the steps were relatively easy. I traced out the petal shapes with a black marker, like so:

4) Then I added more petal shapes, drawn free-hand style:

5) The completed product looked like this:

At first I wasn’t too pleased with it, but my colleague was kind enough to assure me that it looked OK. I have to admit that it sort of grew on me, and looked better with some paper mosaic pieces pasted. Let’s see if the kids visiting the booth like this. Would be interesting to see how it turns out after the kids are done with it.