Kids are like Balls-n-Chains

I was reacquainted with an ex-classmate recently. Noticed his name in the CC list of an email. I asked if he was that same person I knew so many years ago. He was, and he rememebered me.

This morning, I noticed he was online (on Gmail) and we ended up chatting for quite sometime. During our conversation, he mentioned something that I thought was blog-worthy. We were talking about marriage and children, and being a father of two, he wrote:

The kids are like ball and chain but for me I kind of enjoy dragging them and watch the world busy themselves and race by.

Heh, he gave me permission to blog that.

He struck me as a philosophical sort. Doesn’t surprise me that he counts Gandhi as a major influence in how he views life. Perhaps Philosophy and Parenting goes hand in hand.

[Photo credit: Elvis Payne]


One thought on “Kids are like Balls-n-Chains

  1. I think there are ways to think about parenthood. One is kids as a ball and chain. The other are that they are like a hot air balloon tied to you, bringing you to places and flights of fancy that you would never imagine embarking on your own. In a way, when you look at your kid grow up, its reliving your own childhood dreams.

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