Clay Wolfie

This was done a few weeks ago. My first attempt at clay modeling. Absolutely no clue how to do it then (still not too sure how to do it properly but so long it doesn’t fall apart, I guess something is done right).
Clay Wolfie - 1 of 6

Basically I rolled the clay into round shapes and started sticking them together. I scraped and wet the surfaces that required joining (not knowing how it would hold). Well it’s dried and still holding together. Only air-drying required.
Clay Wolfie  - 2 of 6 Clay Wolfie  - 3 of 6 Clay Wolfie  - 4 of 6 Clay Wolfie - 5 of 6
I had something vague in mind when I started but didn’t sketch anything on paper. Just mucked around with the clay, adding one piece to another and winging it as I went along. It was supposed to be a bear but by the time I got to the head, I decided it was to be a dog, and then it looked more like a wolf in the end. Hence, Clay Wolfie!
Clay Wolfie - 6 of 6

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2 thoughts on “Clay Wolfie

  1. Nice work Ivan. I am always amazed at your ability to generate creative works on multiple media platforms – music, artworks, stories and now clay models! What next? Dance? 😉

  2. Thanks for the encouragement, Walter. No, I won’t dance but maybe I will try to make my clay model dance (i.e. animation) to the tunes I compose, LOL.

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