Flying ‘V’ Guitars – constructed in Second Life

I made a few guitars while mucking around in Second Life. I’ve put up a few for sale over at Have sold two as of this post. Decided to price them at L$50, which is equivalent to USD$0.10 each. I don’t intend or expect to make any serious money (real or otherwise). It’s more to experiment with the creation/ buying/ selling process.

Here’s the link to a video of how one was made. In Second Life (SL), you build things by using something called “Prims” or “Primitives”, i.e. “Primitive Shapes”. Everything in SL is built out of Prims.

The information provided at the SL website on creating stuff is sketchy at best. I’ve not found any blogs that provide a tutorial (I have to admit I didn’t search very throughly). What you might want to do is to ask if people can explain to you how it works. Most people I’ve encountered in SL are very willing to share what they know, but always be polite and don’t push your luck too far, if you know what I mean. There’s also a great place to learn how to build stuff (I’ll add the link as soon as I can log back into SL).

I made one basic guitar shape (modeled after the Gibson “Flying V”) and subsequently played around with textures and colours. I was advised to use as few prims as possible. The one I’ve made has 37 prims. I think that’s not too bad. Most guitars I’ve seen in SL so far are made with less and usually with a texture/ image (which reduces the need for more prims).

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