George Yeo, on “The Three Bs in Life”

I’ve shared this with a few people outside of Singapore. They all had a good laugh. None were offended. In fact, they all couldn’t agree more. From George Yeo, or rather, from his brother:

My elder brother Jim once told me that, to succeed in life, one needs the 3 B’s. What are the 3 B’s? They are Brains, Balls and Breaks.

Brains – well, it always helps if one is smart, alert and able to spot trends. One also needs a sense of social situations. We need both IQ and EQ.

Then you need Balls. Guts, the courage to take calculated risks and persistence. Balls without brains is dangerous. Brains without balls doesn’t get you very far. The person who is passionate is more likely to succeed.

The full post here.

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