Podcast: “Carry Me Over” (2006)

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The inspiration for this song came from a rock guitar tune overheard on the radio. No idea what was the name of the song or the artiste but the riff stayed in my mind. Turned out it was a progression of the ‘G’ Major scale (see tablature below). I tried to give this song a heavier sound, so I tended to employ quite a bit of Overdrive effects. The layering and Flanger/ stereo effects also helped to give the guitar tracks more ‘body’.

Screenshot of the GarageBand tracks:
Carry Me Over
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  1. The song was set at 120 BPS, but the percussion track (Classic Rock Beat) played closer to 80 BPS, which was perfect. I added the Shaker and Tambourine loops for accompaniment.
  2. For most of the guitar tracks (recorded from a “live” instrument) I used a customised “American Lead” Amp effect with Chorus, which had the Amp Bass boosted to get an even heavier sound. Subsequently I also had to turn on the “Reduce S” Equaliser effect to counteract the ‘hissing’ sounds.
  3. For the part with the muted chords, I used a customised Distortion Chorus effect, with a ‘Spread Stereo’ effect. I found the stereo choral effect added a good variation to the song.
  4. The Clean Acoustic layer was just a copy of the earlier distortion rhythm track. You can’t really hear the acoustic part. It’s used more for subtle tonal variation in the song.
  5. Instead of recording a Bass portion (I would have recorded using the guitar and then used GarageBand to step it down a few tones), I recorded a Software Track using the Orchestral Strings setting. I chose the Orchestral Bass part, and I think overall it added an even heavier sound, which was what I’d wanted.
  6. The last layer was the Lead Amp guitar track, which was on a American Lead Amp setting with a Medium Wah.

CHORDS FOR “Carry Me Over”:
G/ D/ Am/ C
Am/ C/ Em/ G (D)
D/ C/ Em/ C


In case you’re not aware of what are ‘Tablatures’, here’s a good reference, as well as this one.

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