Podcast: “Ray of Light (2006)”

From the Enhanced Zero Version, here’s the version with a lead-guitar melody (Playing time: 4min 16secs):

or LISTEN HERE >>> Ray of Light (2006)
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Most of the “How it was done” has been described in the earlier post. For this version, I removed the earlier lead guitar portion and recorded these “live” guitar tracks:
Ray of Light (2006)
[Click on image for larger size]

GarageBand guitar effects settings:

  • Main lead guitar: Amp Simulation (American Lead) + Chorus (Deep Modulation) + Equalizer (Reduce “S” ) + Echo + Reverb + Gate
  • Break solo: Amp Simulation (American Crunch) + Auto Wah (Cry Baby; Peak) + Equalizer (Reduce “S” ) + Echo + Reverb + Gate + Compressor
  • 2nd lead guitar: Barroom Lead guitar effect + Gate + Equalizer (Reduce “S” )

I took about about 6 hours for this 3rd session, and another 2 hours to do the final sound adjustments.

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