Song: “Shima Uta” by The Boom (song title aka “Okinawa”)

I learnt about this song during my SSEAYP voyage. It has a haunting melody and… wow, even as I listen to it now, I get goosebumps! Powerful stuff.

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4 thoughts on “Song: “Shima Uta” by The Boom (song title aka “Okinawa”)

  1. That song is one of the memorible symbols of my childhood. (I found this page searching for tabs for it, thanks for the video.) I remember watching it when I was like, 3 and well, since that was the last time I watched it, watching it now was pretty powerful to me. Yep.

  2. I really love this song…
    the first time that i listen it
    was in the WC korea-japon 2002
    nice very nice..

  3. beautful melody,, I found tabs for guitar for it,,but only the simple melody,, Id like to find mandolin tabs for it,, with the base line as played on the that would give me something to work on..Id love to learn this song on the mandolin

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