Podcast: “August Nights” (2006)

This is my 2nd attempt at a rock-genre guitar piece.

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C#m/ B/ A
B/ A
E/ B/ A

This is how the GarageBand tracks look like:
August Nights 2006
[Click on image to view larger size]

Brief notes:
– The drum beat was from the GarageBand factory loop, with the tempo set at 95 Beats Per Sec.
– All other tracks were recorded as ‘Live Instrument’ tracks, with one electric guitar and edited with different GarageBand guitar effects.
– I’d estimate the total recording time to be around… oh, I don’t know. Many many hours!* Time is spent re-recording ‘cos my guitar playing is really unpolished. I needed several takes just for simple riffs, like the solo (it starts at the 3rd minute).
[* I told a friend that it took me many nights in August, and quite a few in September too! LOL. The solo that starts around the 3rd minute already took around five hours just to get it right.]

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