Red Umbrella Reprise 2006 (musical collaboration)

This is a collaborative piece

>>>Red Umbrella Reprise 2006. info here.

How it was done:
Red Umbrella Reprise 2006
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1) I downloaded and imported Frederick’s MP3 song and imported/ dragged into GarageBand (it’s the layer in Orange).

2) After listening to his original track a few times, a melody formed in my head. I didn’t want to substantially change or sample his original composition. My intent was to add an accompanying guitar track. I recorded the guitar lead using GarageBand’s Software Instrument onscreen keyboard, with the “Big Electric Lead” setting.

3) Then for effects, I played around with the PopKit (i.e. the built-in drum kit effects) and added the chimes. The drum beat was also created with the onscreen keyboard.

4) I added two more ‘Live’ Instrument tracks recorded with my electric guitar (one with the “Acoustic Guitar Echoes” and another with the “Dreamy Shimmer” settings).

5) Finally, I played through the song to monitor the output volume (i.e. ensure it doesn’t “redline”). I decided to increase the volumne of Frederick’s original piano track and added a Reverb effect, so that it remains the overall tune and not let the accompanying guitar tracks drown it out.

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