I.M.P.S – The Relentless

screenshot_I.M.P.S.I shared some Star Wars Youtube videos (see below) with the folks from Yesterday.SG and GahmenBloggers. Then Siva alerted us to this website (impstherelentless.com) and said something like “Chapter 1 is ready for download”.

Chapter 1” turned out to be this movie that those very talented and passionate folks are making, at their own time and expense. I thought it would take 4mins to download then realised I misread the information — it was going to be 4hrs! 208MB (not 20MB) for about 15 mins worth of movie.

Anyway, it was Sunday and I had 4 hours to whittle away at home (much to my wife’s consternation, ‘cos I was supposed to clean the floor). The 4 hours was worth it as far as I was concerned. If you must know, I like Star Wars but I’m not a die-hard fan. So I’m not all that biased when I say I really, really loved the first eposide of I.M.P.S. — the opening scene… and the ending… ah, priceless.

In their General FAQ, they wrote that the best way to help with their project was to spread the word around about their project. So here it is.

Now I wonder if any Singaporeans are trying their hand on making simple amateur videos. Doesn’t have to be as elaborate as I.M.P.S. Meantime, enjoy these Star Wars related Youtube videos.

If you are familiar with the Star Wars (the 1979 one) and the US t.v. series, “Cops“, then you’d appreciate this one:

This one is literally a Classic:

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  1. to whoever wrote this I just like to say that the exact thing happened to me, I had to wait 4 and a half hours just to watch it, But like you said it was well worth it.

    email me some time

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