Frederick Lin – Singer-Songwriter, Singaporean.

My FIJ emailed me recently:

“Since you are into music composition, I thought you might be interested to check out this guy’s blog ( He has some original compositions and he was Composer, Lyricist, Singer and Co-Producer of the Singapore musical “Closer to Your Heart“ earlier this year.”

OK, wow. This guy got talent. He sings, he plays the piano, he composes. Mine are amateurish compared to his (I’m not being humble; just stating a fact).

I went through all his tracks in his Original Instrumentals section (except for one which couldn’t be played for some reason). My favourite is the Theme from Red Umbrella (why it’s a favourite… not a secret, just that it’s too complicated to explain). I wanted to try and add an electric guitar track to that song, but Frederick’s current CC license doesn’t allow sampling.

Frederick posted his story of his musical journey, and ends with this:

Hopefully when you are reading this someday, you’ll be reading about the story of a star, and not a wannabe.

Well best of luck, Frederick. I’m reminded of this quote, “…That moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too” (read the full quotation near the end of this post).


3 thoughts on “Frederick Lin – Singer-Songwriter, Singaporean.

  1. Hi Ivan
    Word Press sent me a message informing me that my blog has been mentioned in another blog, so i thought i’d check it out!
    Nice to that there are people who are still interested and appreciative of what i do. I’ll continue working hard to get to where i wanna be. 😉

    ps: you may make a rendition of Red Umbrella based on mine, but pls let me listen to it when you’re done. 🙂

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