The Art of Pinstriping

A “pinstripe” is defined as “a very thin stripe (in cloth)” or a “pattern of thin stripes”. Pinstriping refers to the painting such thin lines. If you’ve ever painted, you’d appreciate the skills that these folks have. I guess even if you’ve never held a paint brush, you’d be mesmerised too. Amazing.

Via diskographik.


3 thoughts on “The Art of Pinstriping

  1. Friggin’ sweet video…. I just recently started to learn how to pinstripe and airbrush and this was the most awesome motivation I’ve had yet! Good choice. Thanks

  2. I have been putting down the lines from 1972 this is nice to see that it is still going strong and on line like it is now, This was not even in my wildest dreams that this type of format would be here. Thanks

  3. Thanks for the comment, Jon (and a belated thanks to Brad). Your comment reminded me of this post, and WOW! never fails to make me hold my breath when I watch the video.

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