Sous la Mer (“Under the Sea”) by M. Alberich Mathews

Amazing stuff! Discovered these works from Alberich Mathews:

~“Tanz des Capricornes”~

~“Return of the Blue Fairy”~

You really really have to check out the rest of the photos in his photo-set, titled “Sous la Mer” (which is French for “Under the Sea”).
NOTE: Photos feature nudity (tastefully done by most standards… I wouldn’t feature them here it they weren’t).

Each photo is beautifully captioned. Ethereal and alluring… it’s not “weird-weird” but “beautiful-weird” (sorry, words are failing me). The photos certainly remind me of classical/ gothic paintings. In fact, I’m thinking “mermaids” and “sirens of the seas”, where magical female creatures lure sailors to their deaths.

Mr. Mathews is one heck of a talented man.


9 thoughts on “Sous la Mer (“Under the Sea”) by M. Alberich Mathews

  1. Hi,
    I’m french. I dont speak english very well, but I’m gonna try: I try to reach Alberich mathews for a job, but I don’t succeed in getting in touch with him (there’s a problem with his web site). Could you help me? My mail: . Thanks!

  2. Hello Joane, sorry I’m not sure if I can help you here. I don’t know Alberich personally. Have never emailed him before. He left his comment here and I don’t have his email.

    • LOL That request is over a year old.

      I’m pretty easy to find on Flickr …

      Hannah BTW is the model you will consistently find in the best pictures Sous La Mer …

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